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A bit about my days

Posted By jraebonner on Aug 29, 2009 at 11:34AM

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Busy Weekend as Usual

Posted By jraebonner on Aug 29, 2009 at 11:28AM

Good Afternoon Everybody. A little about myself and my day. I am 39 yrs old with a birthday Dec 28th. I will be married 13 yrs on Sept 14th. My son will be 11 on March 13th. I have Ovarian Cancer and am on disibility. I used to work outside the home in a Graphic Arts job. Now I am a homemaker. I have a lot of intrests though like: Art, Writing and Poetry, Nature and Camping, Reading and Music. I love doing art in my spare time. I am also a Co-Fundraising Chairperson in The CYAA Football and Cheerleading Association in which my son plays football. I love it. We do car washes, hoagie sales, Night at the Races, Fun For All Flag Football Day and many more activities for the Cornell Radiers. I also go see his practices every night. I love Cooking Shows and making special dinners every night. I was in the hospital and away from my house in my parents care for 6 weeks so I have a lot of cleaning to get caught up on. Today my son has a birthday party to go to. It is a pool party.  Tomorrow is the 2nd game of the year. It is a home game. They lost their last game 0 -13 unfortunatley. Our Defense is stornger this week and we are playing a little better on offense. My husband is going to do the lawn and I am going to check my email. I hope you all have a nice day. - Julie

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